Terms and Conditions


for seminars, events, theater events and hotel reservations

1. Subject of Contract
These general terms and conditions dictate the legal relationship between you and the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten. The reservation, order confirmation and the offer you signed serve as the foundation.

2. Option Date
Option dates (offers, order confirmations etc.) are binding for both parties. The Best Western Hotel Spirgarten may automatically dispose of the reserved premises / rooms after the expiration of the option period.

3. Number of Participants for Events and Seminar Packages
We thank you for informing us of the binding number of persons as early as possible. The number of persons notified up to 5 working days before the event (events without room reservation) is considered binding. Individual room cancellations made three days or more prior to arrival will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

4. Cancellations
4.1. Cancellation or partial cancellation of events

We kindly ask you to inform us of any major changes to your reservation in writing and as early as possible. If the reservation is cancelled in its entirety through no fault of the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten, the following services will be charged in addition to a processing fee of CHF 100.00:
Theater Spirgarten (large events in the rooms "Europa", "Uetli" and "Limmat")

• Cancellation 120 - 0 days before the event 100% of the confirmed service

All other events
• Cancellation 7- 0 days before the event 100% of the confirmed service
• Cancellation 14 - 8 days before the event 75% of the confirmed service
• Cancellation 30 - 15 days before the event 50% of the confirmed service
• Cancellation 60 - 31 days before the event 25% of the confirmed service

The resulting liability for damages includes rent, technical infrastructure, food and beverages as well as third party services.
If no services have been agreed upon, we will charge the percentages listed above, for aperitifs on the basis of CHF 45.00 per person, for banquet and seminar events on the basis of CHF 80.00 per person.

In the event that an equivalent event is held again within 6 months of the cancellation, 25% of the cancellation costs shall be credited to the customer against the newly booked event costs.

4.2. Cancellation of hotel reservations
If you have reserved a room without guaranteeing the reservation by means of an advance payment, a credit card or a company, we will hold the room for you until 4 pm on the day of arrival. If you do not arrive by 4pm, the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten may automatically dispose of the room.
If your reservation is guaranteed and you cannot occupy the reserved service, we ask you to cancel the reservation no later than 4 pm on the day of arrival. In case of late cancellation, no-show or late arrival, the first night of your reservation will be charged at 100% of the agreed room rate.
In case of early departure, this must be communicated to the hotel the evening before by 8 pm at the latest. Departure must be made by 12 noon.
For reservations via online booking engines (e.g. booking.com, hrs.com, expedia.com etc.), the respective reservation and cancellation conditions of the booking platforms apply.
For group reservations (4 rooms or more) the following cancellation conditions apply:
Cancellation 0 - 7 days before arrival 100% of the lost room revenue
Cancellation 14 - 8 days before arrival 75% of the lost room revenue
Cancellation 30 - 15 days before arrival 30% of the lost room revenue

5. Payment Methods
The Best Western Hotel Spirgarten reserves the right to demand full or partial advance payment for room reservations.
For banquet events, we require a deposit equal to 80% of the agreed service, due 2 months prior to the event date.
For weddings we require 2 advance payments. The first payment of CHF 3'000.- is due with the signed reconfirmation. This advance payment is considered a definitive reservation and is non-refundable. The second advance payment will be invoiced 2 months before the event and also corresponds to 100% of the agreed service minus the first advance payment of CHF 3'000.-.

For theater and concert events, we require the 100% advance payment of the room rental plus CHF 2'000.00 for the technical equipment up to eight weeks before the event. An advance invoice will be sent to you with the reservation confirmation. Without advance payment, the reservation is not guaranteed. If the technical costs are expected to exceed the deposit of CHF 2'000.00, we reserve the right to request payment in advance. Any overpayment will be refunded after the event.

6. Personnel cost surcharge
For events that last longer than 24h00 we charge a personnel surcharge per partial hour.

• 12 to 50 persons CHF 150.- per hour
• 51 to 150 persons CHF 250.- per hour
• more than 151 persons CHF 400.- per hour

7. Liability / Responsibilities

7.1. Damages

The organizer is liable to the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten in any case for all damage caused to rooms, facilities, furniture and surroundings by him or his assistants or participants. Decorations and candles may not be placed on the tables without a base. Posters are prohibited throughout the venue, and no wall decorations may be attached (neither with adhesive tape, liquid glue and/or drawing nails). Any additional costs for special cleaning will be charged to the organizer.

7.2. Safety regulations

In the case of free nights, concerts and other major events, the organizer/tenant is responsible for ensuring that no more people are admitted than corresponds to the capacity of the rented hall. The maximum numbers stated by the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten on the seating plans are binding. The organizer/tenant is responsible for ensuring that guests comply with the night's rest and related legal regulations when leaving the event.

We do not accept events with racist, discriminating or any other content which does not respect human rights and / or have potential for violence. We take the liberty to cancel the event prior or during the performance in case this standard is not respected. Any costs who may come up go to towards the organizier. On our request organizers must show a security devices for the event. In case this does not match our standards, we will cancel the event.

7.3. Fire alarm

The tenant is liable for the costs of incorrectly triggered fire alarms, in particular during shows.

7.4. Event insurance for theatre events

The tenant of Theater Spirgarten is obliged to take out event insurance.

7.5. Loss of property

The Best Western Hotel Spirgarten is not liable for the loss of items that are left and lost by the organizers.


8. Further provisions

8.1. Use of the stage and adjoining rooms

The stage and its adjoining rooms may only be used in the presence of the stage technician. This applies to the set-up and dismantling, the rehearsals and during the performances.
The stage equipment as well as their lighting and technical aids may only be operated by the stage technician. His instructions must be followed.
The renter/organizer is liable for any accidents and damages resulting from non-compliance with these regulations.
The stage technician will be provided by our technical partner and charged to the organizer.

8.2. Offer and price change

Offers and prices are subject to change. For wines, the price published at the time of the event (wine list) applies, as vintage and price changes may occur at short notice. All prices include VAT.

8.3. Negotiating partner

The negotiating partner vis-à-vis the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten is listed in the contract as "tenant" or "organizer".

8.4. Copyright fees

The organiser/tenant of our seminar, event and theatre premises acknowledges that any copyright fees incurred and likely to arise as a result of his event are to be compensated by him alone (e.g. SUISA).

8.5. Fireworks

It is not permitted to use fireworks, sky lanterns or similar objects on the hotel grounds for festive occasions, weddings or other events.

8.6. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction
The legal relationship between the organizer/tenant and the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten is governed by Swiss law. The invalidity of individual provisions of the contractual relationship does not lead to the invalidity of the entire contract. Zurich is the agreed upon place of jurisdiction, whereby the Best Western Hotel Spirgarten is free to sue at the domicile of the defendant.

Zurich, January 2023