Staff members in the Lobby at Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

About us

The team at Hotel Spirgarten


We have currently a team of about 35 members. All our employees are very well trained and have a long work experience in the industry. We are very proud of all our staff members, their work ethic and our team spirit. 



Portrait of Regula Buergin at Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Regula Bürgin

General Manager 

Portrait of Mirko Fuchs at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Mirko Fuchs

Vice Director 

Portrait of Olivia Kaufmann, ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Olivia Radel

Event Manager 

Portrait of Loredana Cazzetta at  ​​​Best Western Spirgarten​​

Loredana Cazzetta

Head Housekeeper 

Portrait of Nicole Hofmann, ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Nicole Hofmann

Assistant Head Housekeeper 

Portrait of Claudia Backofen at ​​​Best Western Spirgarten​​

Claudia Backofen

Front Office Manager 

Portrait of Peter Gruse at Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Peter Gruse

Portrait of Frederik Fischer at ​​​Best Western Spirgarten​​

Frederik Fischer

Portrait of Marco Amberger at Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Marco Amberger

Servicemanager for banquets and events