Vintage photo of the city near Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​


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The objective of the association is the creation and maintenance of a community hub at and around the Lindenplatz in Altstetten. 

As early as 1944, the board of the Altstetten neighborhood association was discussing how the area on Badenerstrasse, between Altstetterstrasse and Spirgartenstrasse, could be designed and built over as a neighborhood center. A group of 11 men, who were particularly interested in the design of such a neighborhood center, met for a first meeting on June 26, 1945. An association was founded that would have decisive influence on the design of this area.  



Portrait of Albert Leiser at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Albert Leiser

Portrait of Roland Stahel at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Roland Stahel


Portrait of Juerg Nater at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Jürg Nater

Properties / Real estate

Urs Appenzeller Portrait at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Urs Appenzeller

Portrait of Samuel Fankhauser at ​​​Best Western Spirgarten​​

Samuel Fankhauser

Portrait of Darko Bernet at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Robin Bernet

Property Management

Portrait of Patricia at ​​​Best Western Hotel Spirgarten​​

Patricia Wolff-Kern

Portrait of Daniela Segmueller at ​​​Best Western Spirgarten​​

Daniela Segmüller

Hotel industry & Restauration